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Stunning Kitchen

A kitchen transformation

I contacted Beth Rossiter of Mirage Designs to just have a chat about an idea I had to extend my kitchen. Beth met with me and listened to what I vaguely had in mind.

“Beth was very quick to spot the potential. Beth found me an architect who drew up the plans and submitted the planning application. She sourced the builders. Beth came up with a brilliant design for the new kitchen, it exactly matched the kind of thoughts I had but couldn’t articulate myself.

The project and all the different trades worked really well, the whole thing took a while because it happened over Christmas and during some really atrocious weather. However Beth made sure that I wasn’t inconvenienced at any time by the work.”

The project went without a hitch and that’s saying something about such a big building project.

My new kitchen looks absolutely fantastic and into the bargain Beth also redesigned my dining room to “flow” through to the new kitchen.

I can highly recommend Beth and Mirage Designs, the design skills, vision and eye for detail are second to none. The project was managed extremely well & all the workers and trades that she sourced were brilliant. Oh and Beth is also a joy to work with!