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Relocation, Relocation

Reasons for Downsizing or Relocating, we can assist in making the move all that much easier

Are you moving for one of these reasons?
• Children have flown the nest

• The house is just too large to manage

• Releasing equity to aid retirement

• Practical relocation nearer to family and local amenities.

Then get in touch and see how I can assist you to make this the best move yet

Online Marketing and Estate Agent Service

Let us take the strain when it comes to instructing an Estate Agent to sell and source your new home. We will search and shortlist properties within your desired location and given budget, then work with you and the agent to present your property in its best possible light to help you achieve the optimum price.

Elaine from Woodford 73 years young says

"Having downsized from a large Victorian house I struggled to feel comfortable in my new two-bedroom apartment. Bethany managed everything for me, including organising her team who painted, re-hung my favourite pictures and even gave my curtains a new lease of life by restyling them. I’m thrilled with the results – so are my family – I now have a comfortable and relaxing new home to enjoy."

Is now the Time for a Financial and Legal MOT?

Why not take the time to review your personal and financial circumstances to ensure your assets are protected? We offer a free Financial & Legal Health check to discuss your financial needs with one of our approved partners whose expertise include Will Writing, Estate Planning, Conveyancing, Powers of Attorney and Asset Protection.


We will declutter your current home

Prepare for Sale

We will prepare your home ready for sale

Removals/Utility Transfers

We will arrange for the removals of your current household items and any utilities can be transferred

Auction, Sale or Donation

We can arrange for the auction sale or donation of any of your items you do not wish to keep

Plan your New Home

We can plan the layout of your new home using existing and new furniture

Moving Day Support

If you have things you need lifting and/or moving we can help

After-Support & Maintenance

Our service continues after you have moved. If you need help please contact us